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Cons To Herbalife Weight Loss!

Losing weight has become such a huge craze these days we place our hands on anything and everything we find in the market that claims to help us lose weight. And the best part is we don’t even think of the pros and cons these products will pose on our health. Herbalife weight loss is one of those many products available in the market that has gained some serious fame!

Here is a brief insight into the Herbalife Company

Herbalife is a company founded in 1980 that was dedicated to making and selling nutrition, weight loss and skin care products. This company’s vision was to develop products designed to help people around the world to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And it manufactures a variety of healthy food options that claims to help people lose weight and make them look and feel good about themselves.

Since this company’s main aim is to help people lose the unwanted weight from their figure, they had started a weight management line where the plan consists of diet programs and supplements which if followed will help people lose weighty easily. Herbalife supplements reduce your appetite and helps in boosting metabolism. They have a million distributors all over the world meeting peoples’ needs.

Weight loss with Herbalife – How effective is it?

The important meal for the day is breakfast. It helps kick start your metabvolism rate and fills up till lunch. But, many of the meals do not contain enough carbohydrates and proteiuns to justify a full breakfast. Toast is moreover not easily digestible and the carbs present in it get stored as fat. Those who just take coffee are seriously curb the nutrional needs.

This Herbalife formula 1 shake had got subtle combination of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins that equals a healthy meal. This perfect start for the day activates the metabolism wherein it is used efficiently and doesn’t give a way for fat storage. Yet another shake for lunch keeps the metaobolism still active, providing your body the required nutrients. the day is thus ended with a cooked meal with healthy foods.

The major pro of course is that it works but it also it also has many con’s that seem to go unnoticed by many.

Pros of Herbalife for weight loss

  • Herbalife weight loss products are set to offer healthier lifestyles. The weight loss programs are very simple to follow and they offer a varied meal replacements and shakes to provide every individual’s taste.
  • The supplements, shakes, snacks and protein bars are easy to take.
  • The careful monitoring of fat and calorie intake helps you to eat good and live healthy.

Cons of herbalife weight loss products:

There are quite a number of cons if you are considering to make herbalife a part of your weight loss program.

  • The products can be quite expensive compared to other weight loss products available in the market with the same effect.
  • Herablife produces healthy protein shakes and bars, some special supplements and snacks that replace your unhealthy eating habits. But there hasn’t been any proof so far whether these products have any positive effect on your health or not.
  • There are also been evidence in the past that the weight loss supplements made by Herbalife contained very harmful ingredients.
  • Most herbalife product contains these three products that poses danger to your health:
      • Caffeine: Some of the herbalife weight loss products contain the harmful element caffeine as it boosts metabolism. But the harmful effects of caffeine are numerous. It increases blood pressure level, causes headache and nervousness at the slightest of matters which are definitely not good for your health. A standard cup of coffee contains about 85 mg of caffeine. Herbalife teas, tablets and supplements contain 65-75 mg of caffeine. So with per serving you will be consuming 65-75 mg of caffeine. Many of us are allergic to caffeine, so you better avoid those herbalife products that contain caffeine. Therefore it is advisable that whenever you are buying a product, check the product label for the ingredients.
    • Protein or Soy: Protein shakes and protein drinks are important when it comes to having healthy food. Similarly herbalife also produces such protein drinks and includes them in their routine weight loss plan. You may think that proteins are an essential nutrient, and then what’s the harm? Everything is good if consumed in moderate amount. Excess protein will disturb the balance in your body. Your body doesn’t have that much ability to process so much amount of protein. So checking the ingredients list before buying any product is necessary. Moreover some people are allergic to high dosages of protein concentrates.
    • Shellfish: According to herbalife, many of their weight loss products contain shellfish. Shellfish includes oysters, mussels, crabs or even lobsters. If you are allergic to any of these, check the ingredients in the list before ordering any product.

These are just the ingredients. One other factor that we need to keep in mind is that it doesn’t just boost metabolism, it kills appetite. This means that it keeps us from feeling hungry. Our body is built in a way to need a certain intake of food at specified times? You may not feel hungry but keep in mind that you are at the end of the day starving your body. Is it ever advisable to do that?

Also if you are a pregnant or lactating mother, then consider seeking doctor’s advice before entering into any type of weight loss program. These weight loss drinks and capsules advertized on television will never warn about the harm they may cause to your health. So it should be your decision if you would like to adopt “unhealthy” means or healthy food and exercise to cut down the excess flab.

Key points regarding weight loss herbalife

  • Consume a glass of water every 30 minutes before you feel your stomach is full. This therefore lowers your portion of meal.
  • Eat more fiber containing foods. Fiber controls hunger and also allows you to visit toilet often, thus dispensing your body from wastes.
  • You need to be focused and set certain deadlines so that you will not faultier in the diet.
  • Exercise is always recommended along with the weight loss diet you intake.

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