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7 Secrets of successful weight loss


Realistic weight loss secrets

People who have successfully lost weight and kept it off for a minimum period of one year, have seven healthy habits in common.

A group at the University of Colorado keeps track of people who have managed to lose at least 14 kilograms and keep it off. These findings are then recorded for research purposes.

If you need inspiration to realistically lose – and keep off – some extra weight, consider following these seven successful healthy habits...

  1. Limit calorie intake to approximately 1 400 calories per day.

  2. Start your day with a healthy breakfast.

  3. Restrict fat to approximately 24% of calories or less.

  4. Eat a wide variety of natural foods, without following fad diets.

  5. Get regular exercise - walking was the most popular choice of exercise.

  6. Journal your progress to stay on track.

  7. Weigh yourself regularly.

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