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3 “Playtime” exercises you can do at home


At the end of the day working out and doing exercises should be about having fun, otherwise what's the point?

Instead of forcing yourself through relentless sit-ups or schlepping to the gym every day, try something that puts a smile on your face instead.

Smiling is also known to burn calories, so pump up the music and get moving to burn away those trouble zones!

Three fun and easy exercise moves

  1. Skipping. Using a jump rope is one of the best and cheapest cardio exercises you can do. It won't only target your glutes (bum), quads and hamstrings, but it will also help improve your co-ordination.

  2. Bicycle sit-ups. This classic sit up move is perfect for toning your abs and it's a lot more fun than doing regular sit ups. Simply lie on your back, lift your legs at 90 degrees and pretend that you're riding a bike!

  3. Jumping jacks. These are fun because you can move around in different directions as you do them, and they're great for working your legs and arms at the same time.

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