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Got 10 minutes?


'Cardio' activity is your first line of defence against extra kilograms and will also keep your fitness levels from decreasing. Even if you are short of time, you can still burn kilojoules by exerting yourself for short periods.
Try to find 10 minutes at least once a day, and keep the routine simple. You can walk the stairs, speed walk around the house, do some gardening or even turn on the radio and start dancing to your favourite tunes. You can even find an open space and do the following 10 minute high intensity workout (unless there are medical reasons that you can't):
0-1  min: Warm up, brisk walk
1-2  min: Speed walk
2-3 min: Run
3-4 min: Jumping Jacks
4-5 min: Speed walk
5-6 min: Run
6-7 min: Jumping Jacks
7-8 min: Run:
8-9 min: Jumping Jacks
9-10 min: Walk, cool down
You can make up your own 10 minute routine according to your own preference, for example, instead of doing jumping jacks you can do push-ups or maybe substitute another item with  skipping. But don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourself at the same time!

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