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How Adrienne lost 30kg before her 50th birthday


Remember your twenties, when losing weight was relatively easy? We all know that the older one is, the harder it is to lose weight. Some women even give up trying but, that’s not what Adrienne Todes (50) did!

Having dedicated her life to her family, she had neglected herself in the process. After an 18-year long battle with escalating weight, which placed her health at risk and affected her self-esteem, she was adamant to reach her 50th birthday slimmer and happier.

Overweight and at risk

“My weight gain began after the birth of my second son. I loved taking care of my family and home, however, my health ended up taking the back seat,” says Todes, “Before I knew it, I was excessively overweight.”

She started experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath. Todes found out that her blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels were at their highest.

“The check-up at the doctor was a wake-up call for me, I had to take charge over my life or I was going to lose it!”

Determined to lose the weight

Just before her 49th birthday, Todes joined a Weigh-Less Group in Claremont, determined to lose weight before her 50th birthday!

“My group leader, Julaigah Wilson was an amazing inspiration who always led by example,” says Todes.

The secret to her weight loss success

Todes says her secret to weight loss success started with Weigh-Less’ tried and tested eating plan.

“They provided me with guidance and support from my experienced group leader. Weigh-Less has not only helped me to lose weight, but has also uplifted and turned my life around altogether, for the better!”

A new lease on life

Now 30 kilograms lighter, her blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels are back to normal. Todes has regained her self-confidence and is enjoying the freedom that losing the weight has allowed her.

“Losing weight has allowed my family and I to spend more time together, doing things that we weren't able to before!”

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