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10 Pinable Charts Thatll Speed Up Your Slim-Down

Sometimes, it can feel like the only thing Pinterest is good for is helping you waste a colossal amount of time. But if you know what to pin, the social network can also help you drop a size. Here, 10 infographics that definitely deserve a spot on your "Skinny Jeans, Here I Come!" board. If you want extra info on any of them, just click the chart to go to a story with more details.


First, stock up on foods that promote weight loss. Here's the shopping list that celebrity trainer David Kirsch (who's worked with clients like Kate Upton) recommends: 


Research shows that you prefer the taste of low-cal and low-fat foods when you use spices to cook them. Keep this DIY spice blend chart on-hand to take your low-cal food prep to the next level.


You can stop saying "I don't have time to eat healthy." This is how R.D.s put a nutritious homemade meal on the table in less than 10 minutes:


Salads are a go-to weight-loss food for a reason: With the right ingredients, they can pack lots of filling fiber and protein—but not a ton of calories. That doesn't mean they can't be fun, though. Whip up one of these simple homemade dressings, and you'll actually look forward to 'em.


Tons of research has linked increased protein intake to weight loss—but do you know the best sources of the nutrient? You might be surprised to find ingredients like quinoa and egg whites don't pack as much as you may have thought.


Counting calories can help you shed pounds—but it's also a fast way to get obsessive about what you eat. Count these instead to boost your weight-loss efforts—without any of the agony of using a calorie calculator all the time.

Added sugar can seriously sabotage your weight-loss efforts—but it can be tricky to tell if foods contain it since there are so many different pseudonyms for the sweet stuff. This chart lists tons of ingredients that you should avoid because they all come out to the same thing: added sugar.


Speaking of which, the sweet stuff can be hiding in seemingly healthy foods. Here are some foods that pack a surprising amount of sugar:


You know that oatmeal is good for you and your waistline—but sometimes it's just so boring. Fun toppings can help, but so does prepping it the right way. Find out how to cook it perfectly—whether you're using the microwave or a rice cooker.


Restaurants can be another trouble zone for your weight-loss plans. Use this guide to order something that won't completely eff up your efforts.


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