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Conquering the sugar craving


Kait Fortunato, a registered dietitian, shares some ideas that you may find useful.

Satisfy your craving with fruit!

Fruit contains sugar (apart from fibre and other valuable nutrients!), so choose to indulge in a fruit of your choice instead of a chocolate bar or a huge slice of rich chocolate cake.

Get on your feet and start moving

It doesn’t help having a variety of cakes and desserts look you in the eye when at a buffet or restaurant. So if you are trying to skip the dessert part of a meal, then simply get to your feet and take a walk – as far away from the dessert section as possible!

Take control and don’t allow yourself to be tempted. After all, out of sight – out of mind, right?

Give in a little

If you find that you just cannot resist having something sweet then allow yourself to give in – a little.

You could have a small piece of chocolate instead of an entire chocolate bar, or even a thin slice of cake instead of the usual over-sized portion slice served at most restaurants. Remember not to overdo it and watch those calories!

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