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Use smaller cutlery for a smaller waist

The size of dinner plates and drinking glasses can play a major role in the amount of food we consume and therefore the size of our waist.
Restaurants usually provide us with much larger portion sizes than we generally consume. Think of the last time you dined out – there may have been enough food on your plate that you would normally consume over two or maybe even three meals. Or ask yourself if that is the same amount of food you would eat, if you were dining at home.
Use 18cm plates
Eating Well suggests you try having your main meal on an 18cm plate. This is roughly the size of a salad or a child’s plate. Any excess food can be taken away, for another meal.
Small bowls for dessert
You could also ask that your dessert be served in a small cup or cereal sized bowl as opposed to one that is the size of a soup bowl. This could save you lots of calories!
Ditch the goblet
Furthermore, if you are a wine drinker, you may want to consider ditching the goblet for a smaller wineglass instead.

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