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Choose green tea instead of coffee


Meeting friends for some drinks or coffee? Choosing green tea may prove to be a far better option when ordering.
Whether it’s at a restaurant, or in the office kitchen, we all tend to reach for some strong coffee, especially on days when our stresses seem to be getting the best of us!
But is this a good choice, if you are on a weight loss diet plan?
Coffee is loaded with caffeine and this could affect your sleep schedule. You could be kept up much later than you desire and what’s the first thing you think of doing during the late hours of the night? Eating?
Do you reach for some healthy fruit or healthy snacks or junk foods like potato chips, chocolates, etc, all of which help you pile on the calories.
Choose green tea
Try ordering some green tea, instead as it seems to contain fat-blasting properties which will promote weight loss.
Furthermore, there are no added sugars or creams to add to the drink, both of which are high in calories and promote weight gain.

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