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Let go of weight loss barriers


Many overweight or obese people create mental barriers that prevent them from losing weight.
Weight loss can be achieved by increasing the level of physical activity as well as making changes to your diet.
Mental barriers
In order to prevent themselves from engaging in physical activity, some people tend to perceive their physical health as poor and thus justify that as a reason for not wanting to undertake any strenuous exercise. There are of course those who are genuinely unable to commit to a certain level of physical activity due to health problems - but for others, it is simply a mental barrier that prevents them from burning calories and losing weight.

Livestrong provides us with the following example: An overweight person with asthma may feel his physical health and fitness level is too poor for regular exercise to be safe. In fact, appropriate exercise could not only burn calories but also improve the physical symptoms of his asthma. Likewise, an unrealistic fear of physical injury during exercise may prevent individuals from exercising.

Commit yourself
If you are one of these people, then be positive and commit yourself to improving your health by losing weight. Remember to always consult your doctor before making significant dietary or lifestyle changes that are intended to bring about weight loss.

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