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Can weight loss be kept off?


In general, some people who lose weight experience difficulty in keeping the weight off in the long term.
A new study has shown that weight loss can be maintained in the long term, once weight is lost.
The participants in the study completed the weight loss and maintenance phases of the Weight Watchers plan. They met their weight goals and maintained it for six weeks. After two years, the study showed that an average of 80% of the participants were able to maintain their weight loss.
Hope for long term weight loss
"These very important findings offer hope to a lot of people who had been discouraged about the sustainability of long-term weight loss," said James M. Rippe, M.D., director of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute and a leading authority regarding preventive cardiology, health and fitness and healthy weight loss in the United States.
Diet, exercise and support
Following your diet guidelines, keeping up with physical activity, as well as getting support for your weight loss efforts are all huge components in maintaining weight loss. Visit your dietician regularly, seek advice from a fitness instructor and seek out others who are in a similar position as yourself – you may find that they may offer you the best support that you can get, as both of you are going through the same life experience.
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