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Brown rice is better than white for weight loss


Are you someone who must have some rice with your main meal, whether it’s for dinner or lunch?
Have you tried eating brown rice? Surprisingly, many people have never even heard of brown rice. Yet this magnificent food has been around for quite some time.
Difference between white and brown rice
White rice is processed. During this process, the rice is bleached and the bran content is removed, thus reducing the amount of nutrition that the rice has to offer.
Brown rice, on the other hand, is very nutritious, as it has not been processed, and thus retains most of its nutrients.
Nutrients in brown rice
Compared with white rice, brown rice is higher in fiber, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin B2, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, niacin and protein. This is a much more healthier option by far, than white rice.
Some people find that brown rice is more filling as well, which is probably due to the higher fibre content, so you will find that you feel fuller quicker and consume less, which is excellent for weight loss!

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