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Walk down the healthy food aisles only


If you have no one else who could assist you with the purchasing of groceries, then try making a list and sticking to it strictly. This will help you eliminate the urge to drop a bag of chips into your shopping trolley or try out a new high calorie chocolate bar that may be on the market.

Stay focused

Stay focused. Only walk down the aisles where the products that you require are located. For example, if your shopping list contains the following items: bread, milk and fruit then walk straight to those sections, make your selection and leave the aisle.

Avoid browsing

Avoid browsing at what other products are on sale as you may pass many aisles containing junk and processed foods which may not only tempt you into purchasing them, but may also make you feel like indulging in a high calorie snack.

Eat before you go out

It may therefore be wise to do your grocery shopping after having your meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. In this way, you will be satisfied and not think about consuming anything else even when it is placed in front of you.

Plus, the walk will help you burn some calories too!

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