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Healthy snack swops


If you want to feel great and lose weight, switch those high-fat snacks for these delicious healthy treats... 

Whether at work, home or on the go, most people tend to snack between meals. But are the snacks you enjoy really healthy or could they lead to weight gain? 

It’s time to ditch those unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthier (and often tastier) options. 

Swop fried chips for baked sweet potato chips

Fried chips are a serious no-no if you’re looking to lose weight. They’re packed with trans-fat and hydrogenated fat, which is largely responsible for blocking your arteries. To give you an idea of just how bad they are, a 130g portion of fries is equivalent to around 450kcal! 

Rather snack on baked sweet potato chips. They’re rich in beta-carotene antioxidants, which help protect against cancer and heart disease.

To make them, cut thin sweet potato slices, rub with olive oil and roast until they’re golden on the outside. A portion of these home-baked treats only contains around 180kcal, so they’re virtually guilt-free! 

Swop a savoury muffin for hummus on rye bread 

As tasty as they are, even your unassuming spinach and cheese muffin can contain as much as 300kcal!

When that mid-day slump hits, try a slice of rye bread with two tablespoons of reduced-fat hummus, instead of that muffin.

This low-fat snack only contains around 60kcal and because rye bread is low-GI, it will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

It’s easy to make your own hummus. Simply use a food processor to blend a can of chickpeas with one tablespoon of tahini paste, one clove of garlic and lemon juice to taste. Et voila!  

Swop ice cream for frozen yoghurt 

Ice cream is high in calories and saturated fat. A small cup of chocolate ice cream can contain as much as 300kcal! Frozen yoghurt is equally as delicous and only contains half the number of calories!

Yoghurt is also a great source of calcium, and this is key in helping prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.  

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