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Keep your fridge and cupboards free of junk foods

Having junk foods in your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator is a sure way to tempt you to indulge in these unhealthy treats.Of course, the occasional treat will do no harm. But having these constant reminders in visible sight, every time you open the cupboard or fridge doors, can play havoc with your willpower.So what can you do?Get rid of weight loss saboteurs!It's simple. Get rid of the foods that will sabotage your weight loss efforts. You will notice that these foods are usually refined foods and may include cakes, biscuits, pastries, chocolates and other confectionary.Pack little treatsAlternatively, you could break up the foods into little portions and package each portion separately, to have as an occasional treat. Be sure to watch expiry dates though.Stock up on healthy foodsAfter emptying out your cupboards and fridge, you can stock up on healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, not forgetting nutritious snacks such as raw nuts and raisins, dried fruit etc.
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