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Fad diets not good for permanent weight loss


Can fad diets promote permanent weight loss?
There are definitely better alternatives to losing weight than adopting a fad diet. People often adopt fad diets as they desire to lose weight much faster than doing so by making healthier lifestyle changes, such as increasing physical activity or cutting down on refined foods.

Sound familiar? We’ve all had days where we’ve hoped that a few kilograms would just disappear if we made quick and easy changes to our diet, such as omitting certain food types. But is this healthy for our bodies? No.

Even though some people tend to drop a little weight when following a fad diet, it can prove to be quite unhealthy as your body will not receive the essential nutrients that it requires from the foods that you may be omitting. Fad diets could even lead to death if they require you to consume a significantly reduced number of calories than you need to carry out your daily tasks and activities.

If you want to lose weight, make healthy lifestyle changes – reduce portion sizes, get active and eat healthily. Losing weight in this way will not only make you look fabulous but it will make you feel it too!

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