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WIN a FREE TLC-Weight Loss Program with full support and access


TLC-International is giving away a FREE TLC-Program with full support and access to all the support tools, and YOU could be the lucky winner!

At TLC-For-Weight-Loss-Wellbeing we believe a life of wellness begins by being at a healthy weight.
Now you can lose weight rapidly, safely, and long-term without pills, shakes, injections or meal replacements.

TLC-PROGRAMS ARE PERSONALISED:  A simple easy-to-follow eating plan based on your own unique profile.

TLC-PROGRAMS PRODUCE RAPID RESULTS: TLC uses the right combination and exact quantities of the right foods to trigger your body's own metabolic processes to burn fat, and achieve rapid, effective and safe weight loss.

TLC-PROGRAMS ARE EASY TO FOLLOW: 4 TLC-phases ...simple steps to success.

TLC SUPPORT AND TOOLS: You will be guided and supported by a professionally trained TLC-weight-loss and wellbeing coach and have access to the TLC-Well-Log e-Tools.

TLC IS EXPERIENCED: Our results over 25 years (since 1987) speaks for itself,  just ask our clients!

In the words of one of our successful TLC-clients:

Neli: "Wow, where do I begin to tell you about my journey. I guess it’s like everyone who has been on a million and one diets and they never worked and so I just stopped dieting and started piling on the weight. I hated shopping and even when you saw something that was awesome you knew it either wouldn't fit or wouldn't look as good. It hammers your self-confidence.

Then last year (2011) I tried to go healthier on my own. I cut out carbs and did as much as I could, but if I'm honest, it wasn't totally healthy. Then my friend suggested I try TLC as she was on it and was loving it. So I went for my first consultation. Even though I'd started cutting down - my portion sizes were way out. So the diet was an amazing learning experience and wake up call for me.

I have no idea how or why I stuck to it. I just did

Oh, I had bad days, when I desperately wanted a burger or a chocolate.  But I resisted the temptation and the next thing your jeans are a little loose. Then I could fit into a shirt I could never wear before and before I knew it - I was losing weight. I took a picture of myself in April and I didn't recognise myself.

The gym helped with the toning of my body

I thought I'd have excess skin and I don't. What I love the most is that if I feel I've picked up weight I can always go back to my phase 2. I'm perfectly happy with where I am now, and my eating habits have changed which is the main thing. When I look at pictures of myself before TLC I don't recognise myself. I don't fully recognise the new me either, but I'm getting there!)

I would highly recommend TLC to anyone

The support has been amazing. It's taught me so much. I just needed to have the 'mind switch', and they have helped with making that work. If you're unhappy with your weight - go with TLC!"

For more information on the TLC-Program go to www.tlcforwellbeing.com
For a FREE ASSESSEMENT contact our Call Centre:  0861 000 852


Competition:  WIN a FREE TLC-Weight Loss Program with full support and access

To win a TLC-Program and a TLC-Turbo Boost in the Month of August go to: http://tlcforwellbeing.com/win-tlcprogram-and-tlcturbo-boost-a-82.html

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