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4 Universal weight loss motivators


Weight loss motivators help you keep yourself on the road to better health by making your weight loss success feel tangible, and possible. Without weight loss motivators, it's easy to slip into your old eating habits, or to fall off the exercise wagon. Here are four universal weight loss motivators:
1. Long time no see

 One of the most potent weight loss motivators is thinking about how reaching your healthy target weight will change the way that people see you. Think of an acquaintance or a family member who you last saw when you were at your heaviest. Now, think of how they'll react when they see you again at your target weight. You'll look happier, more energetic, and more vibrant. Even if they don't know what's happened, they'll notice the difference in how you look, how you move, and how great you feel.
2. The smallest item in your wardrobe
A huge percentage of dieters keep a few outfits around that are too snug, hoping that they'll be able to fasten those buttons or close that zipper after they lose a few more centimetres. These articles of apparel make great weight loss motivators, because they give you a tangible goal towards which to work.
3. The biggest item in your wardrobe
Weight loss motivators come in all sizes. The smallest clothes in your wardrobe make ideal weight loss motivators, but so do the biggest! The pair of pants with the loosest waistline, or the shirt you only wear when you're at your heaviest - wouldn't it feel great to get those pants, or that shirt, out of your life forever? For seriously effective weight loss motivators to give your willpower a boost, try looking for the biggest items in your closet. Then, visualize yourself packing up your "fat clothes" and giving them away!
4. What will you do then?
One of the best weight loss motivators comes from taking a minute or two to think seriously about what you'll do once you've hit your weight loss target. Will you call a friend to share your excitement? Treat yourself to a massage? Go on a holiday? No matter what you're planning to do when you reach success, the more vivid your plans are, the better weight loss motivators they'll make. Let yourself feel how real success can be, and you'll get there before you know it.


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