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3 Ways to prevent growing waistlines

Here are 3 ways to limit overeating, not just during the holidays but everyday:1. ModerationThe temptation to overindulge will always exist. 1 or 2 episodes are not a crisis but continued overindulgence is the issue. This is where moderation comes into the equation. Here are some ways to practice moderation:a) Review cooking methods - use healthy oils and healthier cooking options such as steaming instead of deep frying.b) Eat regularly - Eat balanced meals and snacks during the day instead of starving yourself for a big meal.c) Regulate liquid intake - This also includes alcoholic drinks as it destabilizes blood sugar levels due to its high sugar content.2. Awarenessa) Be aware when eating - know that rich, sugary foods lead to cravings for more rich and sugary foods.b) Shop with awareness - stick to your shopping list!c) Be aware of food allergies - to be safe, do a food allergy test so that you will know which foods to avoid.3. Intentiona) Exercise - Use extra time to exercise and engage in physical activity.b) Prepare for outings - Never go to functions very hungry as this may lead to overeating.c) Be assertive, learn to say NO! - Don't be bullied into taking seconds or making unhealthy choices during meals.
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