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The Incredible Bond Between Power Yoga And Weight Loss

There is always a looming question around yoga – does it help you lose weight? Well, yoga definitely helps you tone up and lose the extra fat. But Power Yoga is different. Power Yoga and weight loss have a connection simply because Power Yoga is a sort of cardiovascular workout. It’s amazing how yoga has a solution for everything. If you want to lose weight and are weighing workout options, don’t look away. Give Power Yoga a chance. You will not only enjoy the practice but will shed some pounds too.

The Power Yoga 101

  1. What Is Power Yoga?
  2. The Benefits Of Power Yoga
  3. When Not To Practice Power Yoga
  4. Power Yoga Vs. Weight Loss
  5. The Ideal Weight Loss Plan

What Is Power Yoga?


A Vinyasa practice, Power Yoga is a fitness-based workout. It finds its roots in the Ashtanga branch of yoga and shares common qualities and benefits. Much like Ashtanga Yoga, when you practice Power Yoga, your body builds internal heat and increases your stamina. With regular practice, you become strong, flexible, and stress-free.

Power Yoga is becoming increasingly popular around the world. It gives your whole body a good workout. It is, of course, strength building, and also includes the properties of a good aerobics or cardio session.

Power Yoga is a modern form of yoga that is a good fusion of the traditional values of yoga with the need of the hour – fitness and weight loss. Therefore, this is a very upbeat form of yoga, which makes it interesting and more sought after. Yoga of this kind suffices the need of those who feel that they have had a good workout only if they have profusely sweated.

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The Benefits Of Power Yoga


Power Yoga has all the benefits of a usual yoga workout and more. These are some spectacular benefits of this kind of yoga.

  1. It helps burn out a fair amount of calories.
  2. It builds strength, stamina, and flexibility and tones the core and the body.
  3. Power Yoga gives your metabolism a boost.
  4. You become more focused.
  5. Stress and tension are considerably reduced. You become calm and relaxed.
  6. Even the inactive muscles are toned, flexed, and strengthened.

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When Not To Practice Power Yoga


The stream of yoga you choose to practice depends on what your aim is. If you want to get rid of pain and are looking for a healing practice, then no, this form of yoga is not for you.

Also, it is best to avoid Power Yoga, or do it under supervision or with a doctor’s permission, if you are:

a. Pregnant
b. Suffer from serious injuries
c. Have had a recent surgery
d. Have a serious disease or disorder

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Power Yoga Vs. Cardio


Let’s be honest. If you do an intense hour-long session of cardio, you will lose twice the number of calories as compared to how much you will lose with Power Yoga. However, Power Yoga feeds the muscles. It works on the core and streamlines your body, building the core muscles. Building lean muscles is effective for weight loss, and it also indicates an increased metabolism, which means a burn out of a considerable amount of fat.

You do burn calories in a cardio session, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you burn fat. Also, excessive cardio can deplete the muscle reserve, and this is not ideal for a long-term weight loss plan.

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The Ideal Weight Loss Plan


If you are looking to lose weight, you could add about two to three Power Yoga sessions amidst your usual cardio practice every week. If you only do Power Yoga and do not lift weights, it will prepare your body and strengthen the muscles so that you can lift weights. The combination of Power Yoga and cardio is a good plan for sustainable weight loss.

In another scenario, if you are either a weightlifter or a runner, continuous practice could contract your muscles. Power Yoga will help you lengthen those muscles through intense stretching, and will be a good addition to your workout routine. It will help you add leanness and flexibility.

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Watch this video and get an insight into what a Power Yoga session will entail:

Yoga is always recommended. It does what no other form of workout does to your body. Although it is not an aggressive form of workout, and you will not lose weight rapidly, you will definitely benefit a whole lot more from yoga. Try Power Yoga for weight loss – club it with your usual cardio. It will work wonders!

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