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Lose weight by getting organised


All you need to do is get busy. For example, plan for the day ahead by washing and hanging up the laundry yourself, iron your clothes or that of your family, sweep the floors or vacuum the carpets, neaten up the house or help your child tidy up their room. The chores that need to be done are endless and often you may find yourself running out of time.

Make a list

Make a list of what needs your attention in the house. Then try doing those that require more physical activity yourself, and delegate the remainder to others. For example your child can help to clear the dishes from the dining room table whilst you do the washing, drying and putting away of cutlery and dishes.

Reward yourself

When you’ve marked out all the items on your to-do list, remember to give yourself a reward. You could relax in a soothing bubble bath or do what you enjoy but avoid consuming unhealthy treats such as sweets and chocolates.

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