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10 Super-foods that help you lose weight

The equation for weight loss is quite simple; you eat fewer calories than you burn. You can, however, balance that equation in your favour by eating foods that will help you achieve the goal. Food itself is not the enemy when you are trying to lose weight; it’s the type of food that makes all the difference. There are some foods that contain nothing but empty calories and that will still leave you feeling hungry again after a short period of time, but then there are the foods that will fill you up, but they don’t contain very many calories at all, and then there are foods that will actually increase your metabolism and make you burn calories faster. Here are ten of these wonderful super-foods that help you lose weight.

1. Oats

Eating oatmeal for breakfast is a weight loss tactic that many people would recommend. Starting your day with a bowl of oatmeal will fill you up with fibre that will make you feel less hungry for the rest of the day. Oatmeal also provides a great source of slow-release energy, so you won’t feel the need for a mid-morning pick-me -up snack.

2. Spices

Food doesn’t have to be boring, just because you are trying to lose weight and, in fact spices can be your best friend. A lot of spices that you can add to food taste great and they also have what are called thermogenic properties, which means that they boost your metabolism, so you burn calories faster. Some of the spices with this property include pepper, chilli, mustard seeds and ginger.

3. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great alternative to regular potatoes when you are dieting and they are definitely a part of foods that help you lose weight. They will still fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied, but they contain fewer calories. Swapping the two is an easy way to reduce your caloric intake in a way that you will hardly notice. They are also very nutritious; they contain plenty of fibre as well as potassium, and vitamins A, C and B6.

4. Nuts

Just about every diet plan that there is includes nuts and that is because they make the perfect between-meals snack. Just a handful of nutritious nuts will satisfy your hunger and keep you going until your next meal, but make sure you eat nuts that are not smothered in salt, or that have other added ingredients like chocolate, or candy coatings.

5. Eggs

Eggs also deserve their place in our list of foods that help you lose weight. The high protein content of eggs could be another good way to start your day too. Eating a high protein breakfast has been proven to make you eat less all the way through the day, right up until the evening.

6. Apples

Apples are one of the most popular foods that help you lose weight. They are perfect for a healthy snack anytime of the day and the antioxidants that apples contain could even help to prevent metabolic syndrome, which is what causes excess belly fat to form. In one study, people who had eaten an apple for a snack ate for fewer calories when they came to eat their main meal, than those who had eaten other types of snacks.

7. Kale

Filling your plate with vegetables is always a good way of ensuring that you eat enough to satisfy the hunger, but for fewer calories. Leafy green vegetables are the best, and one of the leafy green vegetables that have a reputation of being a superfood is kale. Kale is not only one of the amazing foods that help you lose weight, but it’s also very nutritionally rich. One cup of raw kale contains only 34 calories and it will provide you with about 1.3 grams of fibre, along with plenty of calcium and iron.

8. Salmon

Salmon tastes great and it’s one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids, which will help to improve your insulin sensitivity.  Improving your insulin sensitivity helps your body to create muscles, rather than fat and when you have more muscle mass in your body, you burn more calories.

9. Pomegranate seeds

Most people rave about the health benefits of pomegranate juice, but the seeds are just as healthy and can be a great way to help with weight loss. They are very low in calories but they will satisfy even the sweetest tooth. They also contain lots of fibre and those all-important antioxidants that fight disease and slow down the onset of the signs of ageing.

10. Green tea

We decided to include green tea into our list of foods that help you lose weight. You probably know about the health benefits of green tea and you will have heard about high levels of antioxidants that green tea contains, but did you know that it can help you shed pounds too? Green tea contains something called catechins, which boost the metabolism and help you burn more calories and fat.

Do you know other foods that help you lose weight?

Stay healthy!

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