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healthy diet

I have a lot of sensitivities and intolerances.  I can not have milk products, nuts or grains with gluten and I cannot eat fruits.  My diet consist of lean meats, and lots of veggies and the grains I eat are white rice and corn.  Can I maintain good health with just these foods?  I also am on a magnesium supplement.

Magnesium is not close to enough. Rice is pretty worthless from a nutrient stand point (meaning it has no nutrients except what they put in which isn't the same because it's processed)and corn doesn't have a whole lot of nutritional value other than being a good, clean carob.

Magnesium is a good start because it is important for muscle contractions and absorbing other nutrients but you are missing a lot of vital nutrients from that type of limited diet including B's (which are important for carbohydrate metabolism, energy, mood balance and mental focus as well as Calcium which is essential for healthy bones and burning fat properly) Those are just off the top of my head without knowing more about the "lean meats" or veggies)

You definitely need a good multi vitamin with minerals and it should be liquid for optimum absorption. If you were one of my clients I would have you on Biofuel (liquid multi with grape seed, kinko, green tea and all of the vital nutrients your body needs)  and Cal Mag. (if you are over 30)  You can check them out Here .  I (and our clients) have been taking them since 1996 and I have yet to find anything better.

Let me know if you have any other questions and keep me posted

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