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tricky situation

I am a seventeen-year-old full-time college student with an hour-and-a-half commute and a twenty-hour work week. I have to work this amount to afford gas and I cannot afford to live on campus.

I previously weighed approximately 120lbs and was happy with my appearance. I currently weigh 135lbs. On a 5'1" frame that can make a difference. I used to ride a bike and walk quite a bit which I assume helped me maintain my figure. Nowadays I spend all my energy working, driving, and doing homework.

I think I would physically feel better and more energized and be happier with my appearance if I resumed my lower weight but I'm having a very hard time fighting off weight gain. I eat the vegetarian selections at school (out of personal preference) and try to pick the healther options at Wawa (small sandwiches, soup, express snacks, wraps). I eat too many carbs because they're a quick energy fix when I gave to drive or study. I rarely eat at home and when I do it's grab-and-go.

I understand my situation is unique but I'm miserable at this weight. I don't want to lose it for a guy because I know my boyfriend likes me how I am. I'm just physically uncomfortable at this weight.

Do you have any suggestions for smarter eating? I need energy. That's my primary concern. But at the same time I would like to gradually drop a few pounds. Just to feel lighter on my feet and more comfortable in my appearance.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide
- Naomi


Your current BMI IS 25.5, you are 3 pounds over weight. Your max weight is 132 and your min weight is 100 lbs. I would suggest that you try to find a weight in between the two where you feel and look the best. 115 Pounds sounds about right that would put your BMI at 21.7.

As for your diet you should plan your meals in advance to allow yourself time to prepare and check calories.Vegetarian living is healthier. Salads,soups and whole grains should be your friend, yogurt loaded with proteins and beans will give you protein that you need.You should also consume enough fiber to keep your intestines clean and thus helping you to lose extra pounds.Keep an eye on your calorie intake and see if your schools health education department have an RMR(resting metabolic rate) machine so you can get a base line on how many calories your body is burning with out activity.

Do not try to skip meals or starve your self that will only slow your metabolism more. I do not recommend that you try to lose more then 2 pounds per week. Drink plenty of water for you size you should be drinking at least 2.1 liters per day.

Take Care
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