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I eat red meat a couple times a month because I hear it's good for it to be included in one's diet.  If I'm at a restaurant which serves both hamburger and steak, I'll choose hamburger just because it's cheaper even though I enjoy both equally.  Is steak healthier than ground beef?  I'm wondering why it's more expensive.

Ground beef is less expensive because it is made up of all the bits of meat that they cut off when cutting up and trimming the beef.  They throw the bits in the grinder and out comes the hamburger.

Just so you are aware, it is not necessary at all to include beef in your diet.  Most likely the beef you are eating at the restaurant is commercial beef and is full of antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals that are not good for a person and definitely not healthy.

The reason that some people think that beef is necessary in a diet is because of iron. Red meat does contain iron.  However, iron is also available through many other sources, especially dark, green leafy vegetables.  So, if you are eating a good diet of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods you should be getting enough iron in your diet.  If you feel that you may have a deficiency you can purchase an iron supplement.  If you do purchase a supplement, DO NOT BUY IRON IN THE FORM OF FERRIS SULFATE.  The human body has a hard time assimilating this type of iron.  Ferris Fumerate is much better absorbed and utilized by the body.

Speaking of diet, I encourage people to eat no more than 3 ounces, twice a week, of any type of meat.  A person's diet should consist of 75 percent whole, natural, unprocessed vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and vegetable oils, preferably raw and preferably organic.  The remaining 25 percent of the food should also be natural and unprocessed but can be lightly cooked, if desired.  You should definitely avoid all dairy products.

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