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Hi, I have a question about metabolism. Well, I'm trying to lose about 10 pounds. I have practice for about 4 hours total per day. (1:00-2:30, 2:30-4:30 and some days 8:30-10:00) For morning practices, I usually do not eat much before (because I will get nauseous) and eat a little more after. I've heard that if I don't eat enough in the morning, it will slow down my metabolism. Do you have any solutions of when I should eat so that my metabolism does not get messed up? (I usually feel a little hungry during practice.) Also, I can't seem to get past one point in my weight. I've already cut down on my junk food intake, are there any more foods I should watch out for? Thanks so much!

Hello Joliee!

Thank you for your nutrition question.  It is true that if you skip meals it can have a negative effect on your metabolism.  With all of the activity you are doing, you definitely don't want to eat chips and cookies. You need food that will sustain your energy.

I would recommend:  Fresh veggies that can easily be packed in ziploc bags like carrots, celery, green beans, cucmber slices.

A banana

Whole-grain granola bars or energy bars

Kashi cereal

Peanut butter sandwich

You should try to take some of the Nabisco 100 calorie packs, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, a grilled or baked chicken breast cut in strips in a zip lock baggie. You really need to try to eat a lot of protein and if taking the above things with you seems weird or like a lot of work, then take a protein bar that you can get at the grocery store. You will get the most bang for your buck, and vitamin water is OK, but plain old water, or some water flavored with crystal light is probably better.

Since you are trying to slim down梐nd stay slim I would recommend a product called "Bioslim" It is a fiber drink that you would drink before lunch and dinner. With Bioslim you抮e gradually training your body to burn fat, not store it.  Most users of Bios Life Slim begin 揻eeling better?within days, and report that a reduction in size starts less than 30 days later.  You may order Bioslim at www.planetyorgos.com
When ordering  enter provider number 104324201

Let me know if you have more questions!

-George Rapitis, MS
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