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Hard boiled eggs

I frequently eat 2 hard boiled eggs a day as a mid morning snack.  I teach so I have little time to consume them.  They appeal because I know they are high in protein and other nutrients, but I do worry about the fat content.  I used to be a serious lifter, but due to injury have slowed in that area.  I am 6 foot 2 and weigh between 240 - 248.  I know I would be better at 230 or so.
Anyway, is there a danger in eating eggs so often?

Aside from the fat content, the greater risk in eating too many eggs is the cholesterol content.  That is an unacceptable risk for anyone, particularly someone who is overweight.  

Eggs are high in cholesterol, which is a wax-like substance that can clog your arteries over a period of time.  Your body produces about 75% of your cholesterol requirements so you only need about 25% from foods.  A better alternative might be an apple, a granola bar, or some trail mix.  Just be sure to read the labels on the trail mix or granola bar to check the fat and sugar content.

Thank you for your question, Dave.  I hope that my answer is helpful.
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