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Marathon diet

I am an 19 year old 5'4" 135 lb college student.  I am training for the next Boston Marathon in April, and am 8 weeks into a beginner's training program.  I have been running 5 miles 3 days a week, and up to 15 miles on the weekend and have gained muscle which has sort of distorted my ability to check my weight--I have noticed just by the way my clothes fit and where I tend to "bulge" (almost completely in the thigh and buttock area) and am pretty sure that I have not been losing fat along with the muscle gain.  It is hard to eat a variety of healthy food at college, but I have been regularly eating salads, wraps, fruit, soups, and pastas.  I need the calories for running, but I'd also like to trim down a little during this process (no more than 5 to 9 lbs).  Can you suggest ANYthing that might help nutritionally?  Or do you think that some alternate exercise is the best way to go?


You might want to figure out what's going on with your body composition at http://dietandbody.com/plan/measuring.html

As to exercise, I cant even start imagining what could be possible a good additional exercise to a marathon runner. Maybe upper body weight training? Take a look at our virtual gym's exercise demos:



Military Press

Pull Up

Dumbbell Behind

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