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Faster hair growth?

I have looked all over the internet trying to get an answer to this. Many products claim to have "all the necessary ingredients" to make your hair grow faster. What are these necessary ingredients? I don't want the said product. I want to know what it contains that promotes faster hair growth.
Thank you.

Hello Leasel,

There are at least two sides to your question. First, what's known about vitamin and nutrient deficiency that have negative effects on hair growth and what (if anything) can increase the rate of hair growth if you don't have any deficiencies.

To the first part, the answer is, just about everything needed for skin is needed for hair, too. For example, vitamins D, A, C, E, K, and B complex, as well as selenium, copper, zinc, essential fatty acids, etc. But they are needed to be absorbed to be efficient so we are talking here about nutritional supplements.

As to the products that require topical application like shampoos, conditioners, or creams, there's no shortage in patents making claims that some ingredients or others work this way -- but none of them have references to original research results.
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