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Losing Weight Around Mid Section

I have been sticking with a diet and exercise program for a little over a month now.  5 days a week I ride the stationary bike for 30-40 minutes at about an average of 15 to 17 mph(at least that is what the bike tells me).  I also lift weights 3 times a week along with situps and leg lifts.  I have broken my meals down to about 4-5 meals a day and about 1500 calories each day.  The scale says that I have lost 10 lbs but I cannot see a difference around my mid section.  Is there anything that I could specifically do to target the midsection besides situps? Or will it take a little more patience before I see a noticeable diffence?

Hello Chris!

  Thank you for your nutrition question.  It sounds like you have a great eating plan going so far.  It will take a litle patience to see results in the midsection your body might be taking off the inches in other areas first.  However, here are a few exercised that you can perform to help tone your midsection.

1.Standing Stabilizer: This forces your core muscles to keep your body balanced as your centre of gravity shifts.

A.Stand with your feet parallel,hip-width apart.Place hands on hips.Inhale as you raise right knee in front;stop at hip level.Pull belly button in an hold.Use a wall or chair for stability if necessary.

B.Holding abdomen tight,extend leg to straight and make a quarter-circle with toe to bring leg out to side.Lower;repeat 10 times.Switch legs.Do two to three sets.

2.Foot Push: Since legs and hips are heavier and harder to lift than your upper body,this move is more challenging than a crunch.

>>Lie on back,hands at sides,holding legs in the air straight out from hips.

>>Exhale and contract abdomen by pulling belly button toward spine while pushing feet to the ceiling.Hips will tilt forward slightly and legs will lift up a few inches.Hold;then inhale as you lower and repeat 15 times.Do one to two more sets of 15.

3.Reverse Rotation: A variation on the elbow-to-knee crunch,this move works the obliques(the muscles that cover your ribs and sides) and back muscles.

>>Lie on stomach with elbows out to the sides and chin resting on both hands.

>>Keeping abdomen tight,exhale as you raise chest a few inches off the floor and rotate chest to the right;hold.Rotate back to centre and then to the left;hold.Inhale as you lower;repeat 10 times on each side.Then do one to two more sets of 10.

   For more answers to your nutrition questions check out "Ask the Nutritionists" by George Rapitis at www.authorhouse.com or local bookstore.

-George Rapitis, Nutritionist

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