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Chosing the right diet

Hello, my name is Bridget. I had a baby in 2004, I gained over 50 pounds while i was pregnant. I was 150 before pregnacy. then i was 198 while pregnant. Now its 2006 i/m still trying to get the weight off. Now I'm 186 and tried everything to get it off. Please help me i had pregnacy diabetes while carrying me daughter. and I'm at high risk of developing it if i dont lose weight. Give me a workout plan or a meau or something. Oh it hard for me to work out i work everyday 3-11 shift and i'm a cna. Please help. I read in your profile that you are a phlebotomist. What school because i want to get in that. I want to take it to the next level. if you have more info and you want to e-mail me please feel free. I see you are a minister, GOOD, i'm in the church too. keep me in your prayers Thanks  

Each state has it's own requirements for phlebotomy. Give your local labs a call (even your hospital) and ask them to recommend the "best" resource. Just don't believe so much in courses that also offer to 'find you a job' (or worse, 'guarentee' it). They usually tell you to look in the classifieds or check local lab and hospital postings at their Human Resource offices. Earning your certificate is all you should focus on and then plan on working a blood center or small lab until you build up "sticks" (experience). Getting into a surgery center or hospital can open doors for phlebotomy to include assisting spinal taps and more. Since not everyone is cut out for this, if you are, the field is wide open!
 OK, now as for the 'diet'. Don't. If you get "on" something you can't wait to get "off" - the weight loss will not last. Reliable medical studies indicate that as much as 99% of ALL diets fail within 2 years; most within 1. AND not only does the weight return, but brings 20% more.

 I've got an eating option outlined at my site (no sales, no promotions, no signing in).  It's not so much what you CAN'T eat, but what you should be eating. If you want treats, it's fine to have them.
I will, absolutely keep you in my prayers. Being a young mom is a struggle and a gift. It's also a wonderful journey that you're just starting to have unfold. Oh, the surprises and joys ahead are spectacular!

 Check my site and click 'eat anything you like'

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