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foodto better toneup

I have been able to reduce abt 3-4 kgs by floor exercisesI am happy abt it,but peoplehave started to say that I am looking lean(esp.my neck) and at times even weak.I too think my frame seems to have reduced and the muscle tone is also a bit low.
I want to increase my protein in take so as to match my exercise regime.Pl.suggest the right food, high protein food.

Aseem, food is important to maintain muscle mass. If you are not eating enough calories to maintain your bodyweight, then your body will breakdown muscle and fat to supply energy to the most important parts of your body-your brain and heart. That can make you weak. Try not to lose more than 4kg per week. Next choose foods that provide the building blocks your body needs like lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs, whole grain breads, vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy oils and low fat dairy products. Most of these foods will contain protein. Your highest protein sources being your eggs, fish, chicken and lean meat. Secondary protein sources are found in vegetables, nuts, dairy and breads. Check your food labels, our Slimkids healthy eating program contains about 80-100 grams of protein per day. Good day. Sincerely, Laura Kraemer, Slimkids.com
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