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need help with child

I have an almost 3 year old who is predisposed to obesity.  Morbid obesity runs rampant in my husbands family.  My daughter thinks about food constantly.  She never gets full.  She can eat 3 times as much as an adult and want more.  I cannot even take her anywhere that has food, because she refuses to play.  She wants to eat.  She is not too overweight yet because we control her portions and try to keep food healthy since she eats so much.  I can only control this for so long.  Please guide me in the right direction of which foods are best in this situation.  I am so depressed about this and we could all stand to lose weight.  

Hi Michelle,

Get ALL the refined sugar and refined flour out of your lives. This is work, it is in ALMOST all packaged food, not as much for flavor as because it is as addictive as nicotine and cocaine. Besides fat and tooth decay, this stuff causes a gyroscopic mineral imbalance (one hour you are short on one, an hour later too much of the same) linked to bone loss, brain loss, yeast infections, athletes foot.....mood swings and depression. Don't worry - the cravings go away in days, 30 max, and when you subsitute REAL food, that makes you feel good, it gets better than do-able.  

Quality controls quatity - when you get what you need, you don't overeat. Whole grains, raw fruit, raw nuts, fresh vegetables, ...

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