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a new me

I know what I want and I'm working on it, but I need help figuring out and taking the next step. I want to be the girl everyone wants to be. I want the guys to see me and want to date me. I want the girls to want to be me.

I'm 17 and I'm going to be starting college in September. I'm a young one because I skipped a grade. I come across as shy I think, but once you know me you know I'm far from it.

I want to be the movie girl. I love shopping and do it all the time. I'm going to be doing some modeling at local malls, that's a start. I want to eat healthier and exercise but I can't motivate myself. How can I make people see the beautiful confident me that I know is there?

Hello Leslie!

   Thank you for your nutrition question. I really enjoyed reading your question.  If you exercise and eat the right kind of foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, you will feel healthy therefore, be better able to project an image that everyone will admire. When you feel good about  yourself others will see it. This is why it's important that you stick with a healthy lifestyle.  People who do not exercise and lead an unhealthy lifestyle almost always pay for it in same way because it catches up with you in some way.  I wish you much success in your future and feel free to email me anytime.

-George Rapitis, Nutritionist
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