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trying to succeed

Hello, my name is callie and I have found that this website (allexperts.com) is so effective and useful. < thought I should throw in my tid bit. Well, to start off, I am fourteen, about 5'6'' and weigh approx. 190 ish. I have proabably tried and failed almost every meal plan on the face of the earth. Well today, i found something that I really do enjoy, jogging around the neighborhood while listening ot the radio. Afterwards, I feel like I have done something good for my self, made a positive step towards my mind/body awareness, and with all the stress I get from going to a prominent prep school, hopefully taken some of that stress off my shoulders. I was just wondering if you have any tips or tricks for increasing one's motivation or things that make dieting or sticking to a plan easier. I know that willingness and obedience to a plan, i.e.- commitmnet is the main thing, though maybe something else than journaling or weighing myself constantly will help. I estimate that I want to lose about 35 pounds over the next 6 months. that is about 180 days which means about a nineteenth of a pound per day. So every ten days I want to lose a pound and a half, and every month i want to lose aboutfive ounds. Now that I look at it in that way, that doesnt seem so unlogical. I know the way in , the door to open ot achieve total health, it is only a matter of me opening it. Also, do you have any suggestions to some one that had trouble when it come to packing her lunches for school? my school cafeteria has a wide variety of foods, but laos very junky and tempting foods.  

Hi Callie,

Reads like you are off to a good and solid start to long term changes. Good going!

Make sure your radio volume is at a safe level, so you can hear traffic or whatever you may need to react to.

Drink lots of plain water before and during, keeps your joints, muscles, the works lubed.

Ease into it - if you take 15 minutes to work up to full throttle, you will avoid cramps, pulled muscles, etc.
If you don't have a heart monitor, use the Talk Test - if it is easy to say, hi, how are you, blah,blah, blah, you aren't working out hard enough. If you can easily say Hello, Joe, but not a whole lot more, you're good. If all you can get out is a faint hi, you are pushing too hard.

If you stay lubed, avoid injuries, it starts to feel so good, you can't not do it. You can't stay angry, depressed, frustrated, etc. after your heart and lungs have been pumping seriously for 30 minutes. Like you flush the bad energy out.

Don't go around hungry, it will backfire. When you start to get hungry, respond intelligently. Eat all the raw fruit, raw non-starchy vegetables, raw or cooked whenever you want. For a more heavy duty snack, eat raw, not roasted nuts.

Avoid refined sugar, refined flour, and eating protein with carbs - eat meat if you want, eat potatoes, same day, but not at the same meal.

Weigh yourself once a week, at the same time, best early in the morning. Some find journaling usefull, I think it has one spending too much time just thinking about food.

When you start to connect junky food to feeling and looking junky, the temptation goes flat. When you get into Real Food istead of Flavored Packing Material, your appetite shapes up, and can tell you what you need and when you've had enough.

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In good health,
Susan O.

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