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Diet Recipes And Other Tips For Those Planning To Lose Weight

If you are looking at long term weight loss, you should certainly start eating healthy and changing your lifestyle bit by bit. It is important to never do anything drastic with regard to consuming diet foods and curbing almost everything you can. Switching to only fruits and a liquid diet or taking such sudden measures will only make you sick. You can maybe lose a little weight in the beginning but thereafter, you will have to maintain the crash diet in order to keep losing weight. Once you bear the brunt of these diets and stop, all the lost weight will come back rapidly. Additionally, these crash diets only serve to weaken you and lead to a variety of ailments including headaches, lethargy, eating disorders and what not! You should never starve yourself ; remember, moderation and periodic lifestyle changes are the key towards eking out a long term weight loss plan.

There are many diet recipes that you can steadily try out including those peppered with fruits and vegetables for fat burning nutrients and fibre. You should always attempt to consume a balanced diet. When it comes to animal protein, always go for lean meat and consume foods with unsaturated fat content like salmon or mackerel which will actually lower cholesterol levels and maybe help you lighten the load too. You should also try to consume healthy carbohydrates in order to maintain your weight loss progress. Try switching to oats, quinoa and brown bread and /rice in place of regular rice and wheat. Try cooking with olive oil and avoid coconut and palm oil completely. You should stay away from creamy, greasy and oily snacks and junk food including cakes, pastries, burgers, sausages, processed foods and other fast food products.

This will only infuse free fatty acid into your body which will jeopardize your weight loss plans and also scale up your blood cholesterol levels, thereby increasing your risks of future heart disease. You should also steer clear of butter and cheese; try using Nutralite as your table spread instead. This contains cholesterol fighting PUFA and MUFA and is completely free from hydrogenated fats. This table margarine will be a good way to start changing your daily eating habits. You should also look to avoid ice creams and chocolates as much as possible though an occasional reward would keep you motivated for the long haul.
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