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Living with Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Diet

By sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve, the capacity of the stomach is shrunk with about 85%. This type of surgery is one of several bariatric surgery options to patients in Los Angeles area. During the operation, most of the stomach tissue (the left part of it) is removed, with the remaining stomach resembling a narrow sleeve. Due to a significantly smaller stomach, patients who undergo sleeve gastrectomy feel full much quicker. In comparison with other weight loss surgeries, diet changes are easier to manage. Your Los Angeles weight loss surgeon will instruct you on the pre-operative diet and on the post-operative diet that has to be followed prior to or after the gastric sleeve surgery.

Basic Principles of Gastric Sleeve Diet
The basics of sleeve gastrectomy diet are much the same with those recommended after gastric bypass or lap band surgery:
  • Low fat
  • Low sugar
  • Much water
  • Balance
  • Lots of protein
Fried, buttery and greasy foods can easily upset the "new" stomach and create unpleasant side effects, so these are to be avoided. Desserts, artificially sweetened foods are not only all but calorie and no nutrients, but they also considerably slow down weight loss. A well-planned diet contains vegetables, fruits, lean protein sources, whole grains, but vitamin and mineral supplements also. Ask your surgeon about the supplements indicated for your surgery.

The Pre-operative Diet
Dieting before the gastric sleeve surgery prepares the body for the operation, but also for the major eating habit changes that are compulsory after surgery. Weight loss is helpful as it gives your surgeon easier access to the abdominal cavity. Each patient has specificities that create a need for a customized plan that meet his/her weight loss goals, but there are certain guidelines to pre-gastric diet:
  • Junk food, fast-food and restaurant food have to be avoided
  • Home-cooked meals, based on healthy, balanced patterns are essential
  • Fried foods, alcohol sugary foods and drinks have to be forgotten
  • Absolute priority is given to fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lean protein
The Post-operative Diet
Weight loss surgeons in Los Angeles give their patients clear liquids diet during gastric sleeve hospitalization. This stage usually takes about a day or two. The transition to regular food is done by a soft foods diet first, followed by a gradual introduction of nutritious solid foods.
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