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How To Stay Energized While Losing Weight

Most dieters have a completely warped view of weight loss success; they feel that as long as results start showing up on the scale that they have done all that was required of them. While it is common for flash diets to yield short term weight loss, they are infamous for leaving their clients lethargic and physically drained to the point that they return to the habits that brought them to the diet in the first place. Do you see a cyclical pattern here?

Few people actually understand what flash diets actually do to your body to make it lose weight, and even less are aware that these methods are not only unhealthy, but completely outdated and inefficient. Let’s look at why maintaining your overall energy is vital towards your long-term weight loss success.

The Problem of Flash Diets

The diet industry is full of cheaters, and the greatest evidence of this is in the realm of flash diets. Millions of people follow these strict plans to ultimately achieve unsustainable results. Flash diets ‘work’ through a simple process of isolation and elimination; all meals are virtually carb-free and overly high in protein. These sorts of meal plans are ultimately doomed because they are diets of deprivation on not abundance. Deprivation diets leave us depressed, exhausted and likely to abandon the plan altogether.

Weight Loss and Energy

Real weight loss solutions are full of nutritionally dense foods from across the food spectrum –carbs, protein, grains and vitamins and minerals. Further, they actually encourage an increase the frequency of your eating; up to 6 meals a day! It’s important to understand that weight loss and energy go hand in hand, and the best way to ensure that your body stays energized is through a consistent intake of quality food.

Let’s be clear: the first sign that you’re effectively losing weight is in your vitality and liveliness, not on the scale!

It’s important to fill your body with the proper mix and proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates so that your metabolism functions optimally. It is often encouraged that meals be proportionately high in carbs (yes, carbs), equitable in protein and low in fat but not fat free. All meals should fall within the 150 calorie range of 350-500 per meal with total daily coloric intake of 1600-2200 calories depending on certain factors (body type, health, etc.).

If you’re trying to lose weight, the priorities should be to the energy and excitement you feel as you carry out the necessary work. If you start gauging your success by your vitality, the pounds will fall off effortlessly. So, the moral of today’s story is this: stop starving yourself with diet shakes, bars and fancy expensive food and start living by a proven scientific and systematic weight loss formula in which energy is the top concern. Enjoy the journey!

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