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Losing Weight Without Dieting?

Losing Weight Without Dieting?

If you have read enough diet books, they contradict one another. One expert tells you to eat raw, another, high protein, and another vegetarian. Who's right? While nutritionists may disagree on many things, there is one area where they agree: "sugar makes you fat".

Minimizing your sugar intake under 15 grams per day: that's less than four teaspoons of sugar! Is the key to suppressing hungar, shedding, and trimming away belly fat. From the experience of someone that is sugar addict, constantly craving something sweet until she fell sick, her weight was fluctuating...after 15 years of overeating, but latter she reduce the level of her sugar intake and her body and health transformed. After the reduction of her sugar intakes, she experienced decrease in hunger rate and weight loss with constant energy all day long instead of afternoon crashes. From this perspective, we can looked at food differently: eat to fuel you body rather than to sooth your emotions. Sugar free diet enhance trim fit body, stable mood and abundant energy.


1. ABSTINENCE: Abstinability works with the creation of supportive environment which implement lots of changes overtime. The first week of sugar abstinence is hard, when cravings are at their climax. Cook simple meal, eat on time and go to bed early with more addition extra support.

2. GIVE UP FAKE SUGARS: Many women rely on Diet sodas when they're craving something sweet. But from the research of people's experiences, soda intakes influence the risk of obesity rise up to a whopping 41% for each daily can.

3. REGULATING YOUR YOUR BLOOD SUGAR: Eating at regular interval accompany with protein on any meals, this will sablized your blood sugar and enable your moods and energy to be consistent. Some may try to eat less for the purpose of weight loosing, eat enough!, feel stable and satisfied only aviod junks and accompany your meals with protein.

4. DIET DETECTIVE: Depending on the body system, diets works for various people differently, I would like to say...use your body as a guinea pig to learn which foods make you feel best? How did I learn that eating chips makes me crave sugar?, by observing my body. How did I learn eating a lots of vegetable, berries, nuts, and avocados make me feel fantastic? By observing my body.

5. RELEASE THE SHAME OF OVERWEIGHT: Sugar addiction and weight gain is not chaaracter,...Defects!, are symptoms of poor self-care skills. Most of us are't taught how to nurture ourselves in healthy ways that is why we seek in food, some are so convince to die without candy bar, coke or ice cream, not every meal that profit the body...be wise!

In conclusion, eliminating sugar will create a vacuum. Better to fill it with something positive and self care rather than self-sabotage, have a good book to read to fill the hour you spent, learn hobby instead of baking, pamper your body by giving yourself facial pedicures or message instead of pampering yourself with cookies!

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