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The Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss - Creating A Vision Of Who You Want To Be

The Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss   -   Creating A Vision Of Who You Want to Be

Most weight loss guides that you find online or in books focus very much on food and exercise as being the main components of weight loss but there is another more important aspect which is often overlooked yet can have an amazing impact on your results and that is - the law of attraction.

So why are the law of attraction and weight loss so closely connected? Simply put, it is impossible to become the person you want to be i.e. slim and healthy, without first becoming aligned with a new vision of you and this is why so many people struggle with losing weight. Focusing on food and exercise alone can quickly push you out of alignment and it will seem harder and harder to move towards your goal. If you have ever put all of your energy into feeling demoralised because you’ve gone over your calories and can't stop eating or the number on the scale hasn't shifted, you will know where I am coming from.

So how can you turn this around so that you can become more aligned and get the results you seek? The first step is to create a clear vision where the law of attraction and weight loss can start to work in harmony with each other. Most people focus on how much weight they want to lose but to get aligned and start seeing results, this needs to be something much bigger - a clear vision of who you want to 'be' and 'why'. Without this, it is difficult to visualise your success and take daily action that is in alignment with that vision.

So carve out some quality time for yourself and start creating this new vision of you. All you will need are 2 pieces of paper, a pen and somewhere quiet to complete the following exercise:

Your current reality:

On the first piece of paper, write out a detailed description of what your reality is at the moment with regard to your weight loss efforts. Write down everything from how frustrated you are when things don't go right to the feelings of guilt you get when you can't stick to your diet to how fat you feel when you look in the mirror. Really get the nitty gritty down until you run out of steam and frustration.

Now take this first piece of paper and burn it safely or rip it into the tiniest of pieces and throw it into the trash. This is symbolic in your commitment to say goodbye to that old reality and create a new reality so that the law of attraction and weight loss are working in alignment to create the new vision of you.

Your new reality:

Now take the second piece of paper and write out a detailed description of what you want your reality to be. This can include a realistic weight or size that will makes you feel good but is not essential. What is more important is that you write a detailed description of how great you feel, how happy you are and why. This should also include a description of a typical day for you - what actions are you taking that make you feel good about yourself and your body? What are you doing each day that makes you feel energetic and vibrant? Start this description with 'I am so happy and grateful now that...' and write until you have become totally absorbed in this new picture and have everything down on paper.

Now doesn't that new vision feel good?

By completing this exercise, you have already altered your point of alignment so that the law of attraction and weight loss can start working in your favour. This new vision is now going to become your most important daily activity. Carry this with you and read it at least twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. If you have time, write it out again a few times a week to really get the new vision embedded.

This is a powerful exercise to get the law of attraction and weight loss working for you and you will soon see changes in your daily actions and choices as they start to line up with this new vision to create the body and life that you so deserve. Remember, this is your vision so you can add to it or tweak it at any time to make it a really powerful tool for your success.

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