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Opting For VASER Liposuction – 10 Essential Questions

A cosmetic surgery is a big deal for many people, no matter how small the concerned area is. Though VASER Liposuction involves no risks, still clients prefer to know everything about the process before availing it. Free consultations with plastic surgeons are allowed by the best clinics. “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance” or VASER Liposuction involves the use of advanced surgical techniques to sculpt the body by getting rid of unwanted fatty deposits. It uses ultrasonic energy to break apart the fatty tissues and gently remove the fat from the body by means of a cannula. The ultrasonic energy is transmitted through small grooved probes that are inserted into the body by means of tiny incisions. The VASER lipo process enables the plastic surgeons to achieve predictable outcomes. The saline solution that is injected into the targeted area helps in shrinking blood vessels and ensures minimal blood loss and bruising.

Before availing this method, clients should opt for a consultation with the surgeons that are provided for free by the best body clinics. Since, cosmetic surgery is considered to be a big deal by many; clients are free to ask any doubt or concerns that are bothering them.

The most probable questions are listed below with suggestions that you can expect as answers:

[1] The first question that comes into the mind of all clients is “Whether I am a good candidate for VASER Lipo procedure?”

Generally, doctors answer this question only after assessing the medical situation and body type of the candidate.

[2] Where the VASER Lipo procedure will be performed?

Usually, the procedure is performed in a hospital, surgery center or body clinic of a physician.

[3] How much fat can be removed from my body and can multiple areas be treated at once?

Though the required amount of fat to be removed from the body is as per the decision of the cosmetic surgeon, multiple areas can usually be treated at a single liposuction procedure.

[4] How long is the healing process?

Normally, the healing process involves minimal pain and is dependant on two factors, the number of areas treated and the amount of fat removed. Clients can get back to normal activity within two weeks but need to keep their dressings for six weeks. To fasten the process of recovery, doctors usually provide compression garments and restrict them from doing any sort of strenuous activity.

[5] When and what kind of results will I have?

Results are usually visible after the swelling has completely subsided, which takes around 1 to 3 months. For complete results, a great change in body contour and skin is observed within six months. The best way is to have realistic expectations. Since this is not a weight loss procedure and only aims at a slimmer silhouette, clients usually have a chiseled look. Clients generally experience a tighter and smoother skin after this kind of Liposuction.

[6] What are the common side effects?

Usually, the doctors consider bruising, swelling and some drainage of fat to be the common side effects of VASER Liposuction.

[7] Whether the results are permanent or will I gain weight afterwards?

Normally in this process, a number of fat cells are kept in the body for sake of health. Therefore, a healthy exercise and diet regimen needs to be maintained to ensure that clients do not gain weight and the results are retained for a lifetime.

[8] How much is the VASER liposuction procedure cost?

Generally, the cost of the procedure is dependant on certain factors such as the reputation of the physician, type of anesthesia used, number of body areas treated and charges levied by the clinic.

[9] What is the board qualification, training and experience of the doctor who will be performing my VASER Liposuction?

Doctors usually answer these questions honestly and after judging all the aspects, clients can opt for the procedure.

[10] Many clients are curious about the claim of the procedure and ask “Whether I can see the before and after photos of those clients on whom you have performed this procedure and also whether I can talk to them?”

Generally, doctors keep an account of the previous surgeries so can provide clients with the pictures and can also provide them with the phone numbers of the treated clients.

Only after all your questions have been answered and you are fully convinced about the procedure and doctors, you can go ahead and opt for the VASER Liposuction procedure, to discover a new you.
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