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Diet Solution Program - The Diet Solution Program eBook Review

Diet Solution Program - The Diet Solution Program eBook Review

This is an honest review of The Diet Solution Program from someone who has actually used the program. The Diet Solution Program offers an easy to follow step by step weight loss program which includes recipes, shopping lists, and numerous daily meal plans. This is a program that you can actually use for life. It shows you how to incorporate this healthy method of eating into your lifestyle so you will maintain the weight for life. I lost body fat very quickly;

The author, Isabel De Los Rios, has been a nutrition and exercise specialist for over 10 years, and has applied the principles of the program to her own, successful weight loss. After struggling with her weight for years, she lost over 25 pounds using the very same theories she teaches. Her personal experience with her own weight struggles and her mother's severe diabetes led her to search for and review the best nutrition information available today. The Diet Solution Program is the result of her 15-year study and research.

The ebook's180 pages are written in an easy to follow and implement manner. The emphasis is on taking action, with a list of action steps in each chapter which you can start taking immediately. The website claims it is the most comprehensive and detailed nutrition manual available on the market today. Not only does it teach you exactly what principles you need to follow to finally reach your ideal weight, it also gives you the meal plans, shopping lists and recipes to do so.

The diet works by controlling insulin levels to lose weight. Ups and downs in levels of blood sugar and insulin cause more and more weight gain. Through research, initially for diabetics, it was discovered exactly which foods and which food combinations cause instant weight loss and those which cause instant weight gain. The diet states that once you learn exactly how to get yourself off this blood sugar rollercoaster, weight loss is simple.

The way this program helps you improve your health is in two ways:

1. It shows you how to eat in order to lose weight in a healthy manner. Diets can be risky, so a healthy program is important to follow.

2. The program itself contains a massive amount of nutritional information including exposes of foods that are considered good for your health which may not actually be so beneficial. Making changes to your diet according to this information can help you achieve and maintain better health. This makes this program into something even bigger than a weight loss plan. It's a lifestyle and health program.

There is a huge diet food industry today. The Diet Solution will explain why the foods that are offered by this new market are actually causing you to gain weight instead of lose weight. This program will show you exactly what ingredients are included in the most popular diet foods, and how those ingredients make you put on more weight the more often you eat them. This basic understanding of the nutritional value of foods will give you the tools you need to eat more healthily and lose weight in the process. You will feel better and have more energy as you shed the extra pounds.

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