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3 Tips for Stay Motivated in Losing Weight

Yup, weight loss is a difficult process. And if you do not have the motivation in losing weight, you will not able to achieve your weight loss goals. Here are 3 tips to help you stay motivated in losing weight:

1. Get on the scale every week.
Many people get on the scale every day, well, even this is not the bad thing, but you will get much motivation when you see that you have lose 1~2 pounds every week rather than 70~80 grams a day. It will prove to you that all of the hard work, sacrifice, sweat and tears have been paying off.

2. Take measurements of key areas of focus.
If you are looking to lose tummy fat or get rid of some fat in your thighs, take a measuring tape and measure yourself. Do this on a monthly basis as well and be sure to write down your measurements. Every month, when you see what your measurements are, you will realize that the numbers don't lie. It will prove to you that all of the hard work is actually effective!

3. Take photos of yourself every month.
Get a front, side and back profile photograph of yourself on a monthly basis. Date the photos so you know when they were taken. It would not make much sense to take these photos more frequently as the weight loss will be even less apparent, but on a monthly basis you will surely see progress when placed next to your previous month's photograph. And you will find the motivation you need to stay on the path toward your goal.

These three tips will help you to stay motivated in losing weight and achieve your weight loss goals.

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