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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Reviews - Weight Loss Truths Revealed!

I used to have a nice, trim body when I was in college but years of stressful work, family issues and marital problems have led me to food binging sessions like there is no tomorrow. Some run to alcohol, some run to their friends and me? I run to my fridge, grabbing a pint of that Ben & Jerry's.

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Thing is, I want to do something about it. But I can only stick to a diet plan that:

• Would not starve me.
• Will not make me crave for bread.
• Will not require me to buy diet pills.
• Does not make me exercise. Diet and exercise? That is just too much.

My friends know how these 4 cardinal rules that I have before trying a diet plan so when my best friend found out about Diet for Idiots (a.k.a. Fat Loss 4 Idiots), she called me up in my celly immediately. She messaged me the link to the site and said that I try it. She claims I have nothing to lose as it has a money back guarantee.

When I visited the Diet for Idiots website, what surprised me was this enjoyable site, full of vibrant colors and beguiling words. Seeing that it promised I will be 9 pounds lighter in 11 days, and noting that my best bud suggested this site, I decided to risk it.

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Once I paid, I immediately got access to the system that will basically rule my diet for the next few days. Here was what happened:

• Diet for Idiots asked me which diet plan do I want? Regular Diet Plan or the Vegetarian Diet Plan.
• List 14 of your favorite food choices
• Voila, 11 day diet.
• The diet printed out 4 meals per day, to be eaten at intervals of 2 ½ hours.
• The only problem that I had with Diet for Idiots was that the instruction said to eat only until you are satisfied, which the system says is different from being full.

No measurements or weighing is needed. I am a food lover and I get satisfied only after I felt full so this part of the diet was quite hard for me to understand and it remained vague up until the 4th meal of my first day. I finally got the hang of it come 2nd day where in I ate slowly and felt satisfied easily and the food from that meal was actually more than enough to last me until my next meal.

Finally, on the 11th day of using Diet for Idiots, I weighed myself. I used all of my self-discipline to not weigh myself until now so I was overly excited when I stepped on the scale, I almost tripped. When I looked at the numbers, I was so happy to see that I lost exactly 9 pounds, just as the site promised!

I am now on my 3rd set of 11 days on this Diet for Idiots (a.k.a. Fat Loss 4 Idiots) program. I have lost a total of 19 ponds and I feel better than ever! This is really the best weight loss product I have ever seen.

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