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Here’s why you should NOT replace your meals with green juices and smoothies


Just because green juices and smoothies help you detox and lose weight does not mean you go overboard with them. Replacing your meals with these healthy drinks can have potential side effects. Well-known nutritionist Khushboo Sahijwani tells you why it may not be a good idea to replace your meals with them.

Smoothies are loaded with sugary fruits, and sugar can shoot up your insulin levels. When you drink a smoothie for your breakfast, there is a spike in your blood sugar level, and your energy levels crash faster and you feel hungry shortly. When you consume a lot of sugar at once, you tend to feel satiated but crave for more carbohydrates later during the day. However, you don’t need to skip the smoothie altogether. Add vegetables like spinach and cucumber in your smoothie to balance out the sugar content. Opt for low-sugar fruits like strawberries and apples instead of mangoes. Try this mint and coriander smoothie. Also, add a protein source like yogurt to your smoothie. Eat a salad fibre-rich along with your smoothie for a wholesome meal.

Green juices
Also, do not go overboard with your green juices. Green juices are low in calories and consumption of fewer than 1500 calories in a day can lead to cravings which in turn can cause you to eat more junk and sugary foods. Your metabolism will also slow down if you try to survive only on green juices. To lose weight effectively, you need to combine your juices drinks with whole foods that will fill you up for the day and provide you with adequate energy. Your protein can also be an issue when you follow a green juice diet. So ensure that you load up on beans, lentils, egg and meat along with green juices. Follow this expert-recommended Indian diet plan for weight loss.


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