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How to lose weight

Losing weight is a constant worry for several people but how to go about it is a bigger issue. With everyone from your mum to your maid sharing tips, it can be a daunting task to filter out what’s really right for you. In this article, we share a few pointers that can help you effectively shed a few kilos.

Work out regularly

There are no two ways about it! You want to lose weight, you need to get moving. You haven’t piled on the kilos in one day so it will take regular efforts from your end to lose your flab. The kind of workout method to pick to fulfil this task is up to you. It can be the traditional way of joining a gym where you do a mix of cardio and weight training, it can be something holistic like yoga or other, newer methods such as Zumba, kick-boxing, etc. You can also opt for the slow and steady – walking, jogging, and more. But whatever you pick, make sure you do it regularly so as to see good results.

Monitor your diet

Ask any nutritionist or fitness professional and they will tell you how important it is to monitor what you eat if you want effective weight loss. In fact, diet plays a 70% role in determining how much we lose! It is therefore essential you give it the importance it deserves. An hour of workout does not entitle you to eat a chocolate brownie or cheesy pasta. Have a low-cal version of what you like and avoid junk food.

Do not starve yourself

This is perhaps the worst weight loss tip you could come across. Starving yourself will not do your body any good. On the contrary, it will hamper your weight loss efforts by slowing down your metabolism and making your body store more fat. Eating every few hours is a good way to lose weight but the portion size needs to be smaller than your regular meals.

Give your body enough rest

If you think working out non-stop is the way forward, you are mistaken. Just as your mind feels burdened with stress when there is a work overload, your body too gets tired every now and then. And giving it ample rest will help it recover and work more effectively. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you can decide how much and when to rest. Most gym goers work out five to six times a week and then have a rest day.

Get professional help

You may think you know it all as it’s your body, but sometimes it is a good idea to leave it to professionals to reach you to your desired goal, especially if you are new to the world of fitness. Over time, you will pick up what’s best for your body and then you can go solo. What to eat, how to exercise, etc. are a few things that need guidance so that there is effective weight loss. But make a wise decision, don’t get lured by people making too tall claims in too little time as that isn’t is the right way to go about things.

Remember, perseverance will help you reach your goal and you will soon start seeing changes in your body. Here is a sample weight loss diet plan by nutritionist Shilpa Mittal:

Breakfast: Milk and cornflakes, or milk and poha/upma. If you are from northern India, and are into eating parathas, you can still have them, but make them healthy. Instead of just aloo paratha have potato mixed with other vegetables and use less oil/ghee/butter. Similarly, if you are from southern India, you can have idlis, dosa, uttappa but avoid medu wada since that is fried. You can even opt for egg omelette or sandwiches.

Lunch: This can consist of a proper meal like rotis/bhakri with vegetables, salad and a source of protein from dal/curd/ sprouts/non-veg dishes like eggs, fish, chicken plus a small helping of rice.

Snacks: This can be mixed dry fruits, seasonal fruits or any fruit you like or a handful of roasted channa or kurmuras.

Dinner: Preferably opt for an early dinner and it can be just like lunch or it can be a single wholesome meal like khicdhi, pulav, briyani.

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