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Jumping jack — your key to killer butt and legs

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If running outside is not an option and the exorbitant gym rates are preventing you from hitting Zumba or spinning class here’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep up with your cardio routine. A few minutes of jumping jacks can both increase your calorie burn and improve your overall health. Only 10 minutes of jumping jacks can help you burn as much as 80-100 calories. So, aim to perform 10 minutes of this exercise every day.


This dynamic move tones your legs and arms while getting your heart rate up. It targets all the major muscles of your lower body from your calves to your glutes. It challenges your cardiovascular system and can be an excellent way to the blood flowing. Jumping up and down will also help strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis says Althea Shah Fitness Expert and VP Marketing, Gold’s Gym India. Here are seven exercises that will improve your bone health for sure.

Steps to perform:

  • Stand with your feet together and keep your arms by the sides of the body.
  • Next jump your feet out at a wide angle as you raise your hands, keeping them above your shoulders.
  • Then jump back to the starting position.
  • Do this continuously for a minute, rest for 6-7 seconds and complete three rounds of this exercise.  Be sure to keep up your pace and not rest more than 5 seconds for recovery between jumps. This will ensure that your heart rate is up and your entire body is engaged.

You can also get creative and add plyometrics to your circuit training. Running up and down the stairs can also be the perfect move for toning your buttocks and legs.



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