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Weight loss drink–Mint and coriander smoothie

Mint and corainder drink

The role of diet for effective weight loss cannot be emphasised enough. If you think that eating less, and that too only a few select things will help you lose weight, yo are mistaken. There’s a reason nutritionists and dieticians are emphasising on eating smaller portions of food every two hours. It not only prevents your blood glucose level from fluctuating but also maintains your metabolic rate.

Snacking on a few nuts, eating light snacks or eating a fruit every two hours seems like a good idea but it can become very boring after a while. People also believe that fruit smoothies made from fruits like bananas or chikoos is healthy and will help lose weight, but that’s far from the truth. Not all fruits help you lose weight. Packaged fruit juices, on the other hand, contain added sugar and should be avoided at any cost. Here’s why you should eat the whole fruit instead.

So to keep yourself full and consume something in between meals, here’s a delicious green juice by Dr Namrata Bharambe, Panache Skin & Hair Clinic & Slimming Centre. The coriander and mint are loaded with fibre and keep you full. The micronutrients in coriander helps you detox and mint helps in adding a glow to your skin. Here’s another weight loss drink you might like to try.

 How to make this juice–

Step 1–Wash a bunch of coriander and mint leaves to clean all the dirt from the roots.

Step 2– Blend both the herbs in a blender with a pinch of black salt and pepper and a glass of water.

Step 3–Squeeze in half a lime and blend.

Drink without straining.


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