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Fat to fit: Mega guide for losing weight the right way

Fat to fit - Mega guide for losing weight the right way

October 26 is World Obesity Day.

Today, lifestyle diseases are on the rise due to sedentary behaviour and obesity is without a doubt a global pandemic. It is a condition when a person weighs too much more than the standard weight according to his age and height. Usually, a person with a Body Mass Index (BMI) higher than 30 falls under the obese category. Obesity is not just restricted to developed nations. Though the cases of malnutrition maybe more in rural India, there is an alarming number of obesity cases in urban India with children too joining the ranks of being obese.

This problem needs to be addressed at the earliest as obesity can lead to a plethora of other serious conditions including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer. Obesity is on a rise globally and here are some facts that prove it.

  • According to a survey conducted by Fitho – an online weight loss diet plan service company – almost half (46%) of urban Indians are obese with the risk age ranging between 28-38 years.
  • Globally, an estimated 10% of schoolchildren, between 5 and 17 years of age, are overweight or obese.
  • Studies show that in India, nearly 15 to 20% of children are overweight and 30% are in the risk of falling in this category.
  • Research shows that obesity kills around 2.8 million people every year.

Reasons for obesity

The prime reason is eating unhealthy foods which add more calories and provide less or no nutrition at all to our bodies. A regular intake of such foods plays havoc with our system depositing excess fat which adds weight and pushes us towards being obese. 

Another factor is the lack of physical activity. Due to changes in lifestyle, people are plonked in front of their TVs or laptops for hours on end without getting any exercise which leads to weight gain and other health problems. Over time, this combined with unhealthy eating leads to obesity.

What obesity does to your body

Being obese leads to various serious ailments which make it more difficult to go about one’s daily tasks. Read about acupressure points for weight loss

Tips to lose weight

In order to beat obesity, one needs to follow a balanced diet and make lifestyle changes. What you eat plays a major role in controlling your weight and also providing nutrition to your body. Also, engaging in physical activity is important to keep oneself fit. Here’s help:

Diet and exercise

Also along with diet and exercise, for people whose obesity has become morbid, they can opt for procedures like bariatric (weight loss surgery), though we should assure that all the quick-fix weight loss products you see ads for every day are mostly shams.

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Childhood obesity

Children too aren’t spared these days and many are tuning obese right from a young age. The confines of the city which do not have enough open spaces for them to indulge in recreational activities leaves them no option but to be at home and play on the mobile or laptop. But it can cause serious harm to their health.

Get inspired

While everything may seem bleak when you are obese, there is no need to lose hope. Look around and take inspiration. Here is a real life weight loss story you must read a man lose eighty kilos in three years (Video)

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