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The swimming pool is your new gym!

Aqua Zumba Benefits

What do you get when you combine Zumba, water, and music? A fun energizing workout in the pool that is Aqua Zumba! Aqua fitness has been one of the methods of workouts since long. Though mostly associated with swimming, aqua fitness did not get enough attention.

Aqua Zumba, however, has gained popularity in no time. The idea of stretching, splashing, laughing, twisting, dancing and singing in the pool during class attracts many individuals looking forward to losing weight without hitting the gym.

Intrigued by the interesting workout technique, we consulted Nitika Dhiman, certified active Zumba instructor, and a member of the Zumba® Instructor Network (ZIN) and got more details about Aqua Zumba.

What is Aqua Zumba?

Aqua Zumba is basically Zumba in the pool. Aqua Zumba combines the philosophy of Aqua fitness to the Zumba formula to create an exhilarating fitness routine. The entire routine revolves around interval style cardio workout where both high and low-intensity movements are incorporated in your calorie-burning dance party. Read more about Zumba from the creator Beto Perez himself here.

The basis of choreography is Latin and World dance forms like meringue, salsa, cha-cha, mambo and more that involve movements of every body part and thus show overall results. You will sweat even in water and that explains the intensity of the Aqua Zumba routine.

Zumba instructors customize the dance choreography for water and keep modifying both warm-up and cool-down routines for preparing and relaxing your muscles before and after every session. The choreography is challenging, effective and safe for all age groups.

Who is it for?

Anybody and everybody can enroll for Aqua Zumba. In fact, it is great for people who face joint issues. Water makes movement easy and unlike regular workouts, allows less pressure and strain on the joints. It suits anyone who aims at a high energy but low-impact fitness routine.

There are some people who are embarrassed to dance or workout in the gym because of their shape or size. People are often conscious of their dance movements in big groups. Aqua Zumba helps shed these inhibitions because most of your body is not visible during the workouts. All you need to do is smile and enjoy the class.

What are the benefits?

Aqua Zumba is a combination of muscle toning, balance and cardio which aims at improving flexibility and endurance. It boosts your energy and makes you feel energetic and enthusiastic after every class. A one-hour session of Aqua Zumba helps you burn approximately 700 calories. All this, while you are having a lot of fun. To top it, Aqua Zumba is a challenging form of workout yet safe as the chances of injury in water are the least.

Water creates enough resistance during your movements so that you burn more energy in every dance move and tone your muscles. Like other fitness routines, Aqua Zumba aims at weight loss and muscle toning. As you graduate from one class to the other, the intensity and speed of your movements is increased to engage the core muscles and make fat burning easier.

Above all, water tires muscles by adding resistance in every movement but at the same time massages the joints too, making the entire workout comfortable.

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